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Privacy Policy of the Sneakerhouse.eu shop

Dear User!

We do care about your privacy and do our best for you to feel comfortable while taking advantage of our services. Therefore, we would like to provide you with key pieces of information about the principles of processing your personal data by our administration, as well as about Cookie files that are utilized in our Shop. Said pieces of information have been prepared with the provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in mind.

icon-user PERSONAL DATA ADMINISTRATOR ("Administrator")

KRYSTIAN KAROL BRZESKI, an entrepreneur managing a business undertaking under the name of Sneakerhouse Krystian Brzeski, entered into the Business Activity Central Register and Information Record kept by the Minister of Development and Finance, TIN no.: 8121860088, REGON no.: 147087783, Zelechowska 20 Street, 21-400 Lukow


If you want to create a User Account and take advantage of our services, you will be asked to provide us with your personal data.
Your data will be processed by the administration for the purposes specified below that are strictly connected with the functioning of the Shop and the provision of the offered services („Services”).

Processing goals:

Depending on what you decide to choose, the goals may be as follows:

  • Providing services offered in the Shop
  • Realizing your orders
  • Direct marketing of the offered services, except newsletter sending
  • Sending our newsletter

Legal bases for processing:

  • icon-cart Sales agreement or actions performed after receiving your request and aiming at the conclusion of such an agreement (article 6 section 1 point b of the GDPR)
  • icon-section Our legal possibilities connected with, inter alia, accounting (article 6 section 1 point c of the GDPR)
  • icon-checkbox Your assent given in the Shop – if you decide to do so (article 6 section 1 point a of the GDPR)
  • icon-coffee Agreement on service provision or actions performed after receiving your request and aiming at the conclusion of such an agreement (article 6 section 1 point b of the GDPR)
  • icon-gavel Our legally justified interest based on processing data in order to identify, pursue, or defend any possible claims (article 6 section 1 point f of the GDPR)
  • icon-acc-search Our legally justified interest (article 6 section 1 point f of the GDPR) based on:
    • profiling for marketing purposes
    • processing data for analytical and statistical purposes
    • analyzing customer satisfaction level

Data provision:

  • It is typically voluntary, but in some cases it may be obligatory to conclude an agreement.

Consequences of the failure to provide such data:

Depending on the goal such data would serve to achieve:

  • no possibility of registering in the Shop
  • no possibility of taking advantage of the services provided by the Shop
  • no possibility of making purchases in the Shop
  • no possibility of receiving information on promotions and special offers offered by the Shop

Possibility of withdrawing the consent:

  • at any time

Till your consent is withdrawn, data processing is considered to be legal.

icon-contacts PROFILING

Within the framework of the Shop, we may automatically adjust certain content to your needs, which is also referred to as profiling. To do so, we may take advantage of your personal data. Before performing actions that may:

  • cause legal outcomes on your parts,
  • affecting you in any meaningful way,

we will ask you for your consent to process data.

icon-comment-remove-outline Please keep in mind that you can withdraw said consent at any time. Till your consent is withdrawn, data processing is considered to be legal.


Your data will be processed only for a period of time it is legally possible, meaning – till the moment:

  • icon-section we stop being legally obliged to process your data
  • icon-gavel there is be no more possibility of pursuing claims connected with an agreement concluded between the Parties
  • icon-cancel you withdraw your consent
  • icon-cancel your refusal to process your personal data will be accepted – if the legal basis for processing such data has been the justified interest of the administrator or if the data in question have been utilized for direct marketing, including profiling.

- depending on which of the above is applicable and takes place at the latest.

icon-lock DATA SAFETY

While processing your data, we take advantage of organizational and technical means in compliance with proper legal regulations. Among others, we utilize connection encoding by means of the SSL certificate.

icon-greeting YOUR RIGHTS

You have the right to request:

  • icon-key being granted access to your personal data
  • icon-settings correct them
  • icon-delete delete them
  • icon-cancel limit the scope of their processing
  • icon-folder transfer such data to a different administrator

As well as the right to:

  • icon-close Refuse your data to be rejected further at any time:
    • due to reasons being connected with your situation – in relation to data processed in line with article 6 section 1 point f of the GDPR (i.e. basing on legally justified interests of the administrator), including profiling in compliance with such provisions – if applicable,
    • if your personal data are processed for direct marketing purposes, including profiling, within the scope they are processed in relation to direct marketing

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take advantage of your rights.

If you suspect that your personal data are processed in an illegal manner, you can always make a complaint to a supervisory body.

icon-user COOKIE FILES

Our Shop, similarly to many websites, utilizes the so-called Cookie files (cookies). Such files:

  • are stored in the memory of your device (computer, mobile phone, etc.)
  • allow you to, among others, use all the functions of the shop
  • do not cause any changes in the settings of your device

By changing options of your browser, you can always:

  • delete Cookie files
  • block using Cookie files in the future

In our shop, Cookie files are used to:

  • store information about your session
  • for statistical purposes
  • for marketing purposes

To learn more about Cookie file management, including ways of disabling them in your browser, you can always check out the help file of your Internet browsing app. You can access said file by pressing F1 button. You can also take advantage of additional tips on the following pages, depending on what type of browser you are using:

If you decide not to disable Cookie files in browser settings, it means that you agree for us to make use of them.

You can also familiarize yourself with the specificity of Cookie files better by visiting the Wikipedia platform.


We take advantage of services provided by external bodies. Your personal data may be disclosed to them. Below, there is the list of such entities:

  • icon-delivery entity ensuring goods delivery
  • icon-settings payment-related service provider
    • PayU
  • icon-settings supplier of software necessary to manage the online shop
  • icon-settings supplier of software making the business operation easier (e.g. accounting software)
  • icon-settings accounting office
  • icon-settings entity taking care of the optimization of the Shop
  • icon-settings entity providing marketing services


Would you like to take advantage of your personal data-related rights?

Would you like to ask a question concerning our Privacy Policy?

If so, do not hesitate to contact us at: