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We specialize in distributing sports shoes of well-known brands. The sneakerhouse.eu shop has been established with clients preferring an active lifestyle and caring about both top quality and modern design in mind. Our offer incorporates meticulously selected footwear, including completely unique shoes that are not available anywhere else. Our major goal is to offer our clients exceptional goods at competitive prices in order to make the offer of the sneakerhouse.eu shop truly exceptional. By browsing our assortment, you can come across the footwear of such brands as New Balance, Adidas, Asics, or Nike. Each and every client deciding to make a purchase in our shop will be serviced in a swift and professional manner. Feel free to indulge yourself :)

Company’s data:
Sneakerhouse Krystian Brzeski
Zelechowska 20 Street
21-400 Lukow
TIN no.:8121860088